Operations Management

We help clients navigate through growing pains and spearhead processes that help manage startups and small businesses operational risks. Talem Advisory provides the support to excel.

business modeling

We help our clients develop a clear and concise business model that addresses customer needs and communicates a compelling value proposition.


P&A is a high-energy, growth-oriented, results-driven strategic consulting firm whose partners bring a unique combination of startup management and business generalists. Understanding that many challenges and complexities arise at anytime, P&A is here to provide actionable solutions. Consider us a one-stop resource for startups and other digital executives in both the B2C and B2B space. We are particularly deep around digital strategy, biometric technology, sports performance, digital media, start-up ground work, foundation based driven, digital video and web technologies, but can easily assist in other industries, as well.

infused innovation for your organization

Looking to infuse entrepreneurial vision and spirit into your small to large organization?  Need someone to manage your inhouse innovation or startup incubator efforts?  Do you think that your backend is holding you back?Thinking about launching a corporate venture capital fund, but need the expertise in screening and managing startup investments?  Need talent to help turn around your business?  Then you are in the right place!  The same skillsets required for successful startup launches and early-stage investing, equally apply to bigger companies looking to expand their innovation and venture efforts.  We have done work for companies big and small.

P&A Strategic Startup Consulting